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Published 2017-10-04 08:00:00

Advantages of Applying for Short Term Loans through a Broker like Cash Carrot

There are two ways you can apply for short term loans. You can contact a lender directly, either online or you could visit their office. Alternately, you could use a broker like Cash Carrot. The moment a broker comes into the equation most borrowers would feel there is a commission or brokerage fee involved. This is not the case. Cash Carrot doesn’t charge any commission or brokerage fee for facilitating short term loans. It serves only as a bridge between you and the entire spectrum of credible lenders operating in the UK.

There are some obvious advantages of dealing with a lender directly. You get to speak with a loan officer or the customer service staff of the lender. You may even visit their office and discuss your needs in person. These exercises will enable you to have a better understanding of the lender. Many people still like to do business in person and not online. However, none of these options are taken away from you when you deal through Cash Carrot. If a lender is located nearby then you can always visit them. When the short term loans are set in motion, borrowers wouldn’t be dealing with Cash Carrot but with the lender directly. There is no routed transaction wherein Cash Carrot does the job of the intermediary. The only role Cash Carrot plays is that of a facilitator at the outset, simplifying the complications and challenges of applying for unsecured short term loans.

Advantages of using Cash Carrot

Using the expertise of a broker for short term loans is identical with consulting a real estate agent in a way. A real estate agent will get you instant access to a number of properties in your chosen area. Most of the properties will also cater to your needs. Cash Carrot would also get you introduced to a number of lenders and most of them will be willing to accept your application. You can pick and choose thereafter and the process can be set in motion. The time you can save with such a facility is immeasurable and indeed priceless.

The aforementioned obvious advantage is only the tip of the iceberg, albeit significant. The real advantages lay in the details. When you deal through a broker like Cash Carrot, you are getting all lenders on a level playing field. Every lender has a certain element of discretion. The large banks and traditional financial institutions also exercise discretion. Lenders offering quotes or any kind of propositions through platforms where the same borrower will be targeted will be more considerate. They would be generous with the loan amount and also fair with the annual percentage rate. These two are the most notable benefits. You need a fair interest rate and you need a relaxed range of loan amount you can apply for. Many lenders can be rather inflexible when they don’t deem a borrower to be ideal. Such moves will not stand against you when you use a medium like Cash Carrot.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk