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Published 2018-06-22 09:00:00

The Role of Credit History in Payday Loans

Cash Carrot does not perform any credit check. Your credit history is effectively irrelevant when you apply for payday loans through Cash Carrot. Many lenders have also made it explicitly clear that they do not use credit history as the basis of rejection. Likewise, credit history also does not become a basis for approval. It is fair to say that unsecured short term loans such as payday loans are available to anyone with an income and regardless of credit history or credit score. However, it would be unrealistic to expect that lenders will not give any importance to credit history.

Credit score is important for all kinds of financial products and services for a quintessential reason. They determine the dependability of a borrower. Lenders will definitely want to know if the applicants have a desirable financial profile and payments history is an integral part of that. It is true that lenders do not reject applicants on the basis of credit history but they would become more cautious with borrowers who have a very poor credit score. On the flip side, if you have an average or good credit score, this will definitely work in your favor.

Lenders have the discretion to raise a loan amount or reduce it, they can increase the rate of interest or lower it and they can offer more favorable terms to some borrowers. There is no rule that prevents them from exercising such discretions as long as there is no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion and other such factors. If you have a fairly nice credit score, you should try to use it so you can get a better deal. You can negotiate a better repayment term, more money or a lower interest rate. However, not all lenders will make room for such negotiations.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk