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Published 2018-02-16 16:00:00

The truth about payday loans

Getting through the end of the month with all the expenses that nowadays people have can be very tricky. It is just not possible to predict when something unexpected is going to happen. During a regular month, it is already difficult to juggle all the expenses and bills. Thus, if money is constantly an issue, when an emergency arises things can become extremely difficult to manage. Even for those that money is not usually a problem; out of nowhere the financial situation can become unstable. It can happen to everyone, and it is always good to know in advance what options are out there, what tools can be used to get things back on track.

Fortunately, there are ways to ease the financial burden that so many families go through. For small day to day expenses, short-term loans are ideal to cover living costs in a reliable and easy way.

What is a payday loan and when to get it

There are several kinds of short-term loans that are best fitted for some situations than others. Nevertheless, for someone that once in a while needs some rapid cash influx, but will be able to cover the expenses after the next pay check, payday loans might be the solution. They require that the consumer has an income and employment records and are usually repaid by the next pay day.

Payday loans require proof of income and other financial information. In some situations, lenders require a check with the loaned amount plus fees as a warranty that the loan will be paid back. So, when the loan is due, the lender can cash the check.

When doing business with a payday lender is important to do some background check, because these transactions are frequent scam targets. It is important to check if there are any complaints against the lenders and if they have a solid reputation.

Some lenders, besides interest, also charge some extra fees. For instance, they can charge just by applying for a loan or to withdraw money from de user's account when the payment is due.

Luckily, there are some amazing and trustworthy online loan services that avoid most of the complications associated with payday loans. Since they have a solid reputation and several security mechanisms, they are the most reliable and easy way to get a short-term loan.

Cash Carrot loans
Cash Carrot is a broker service that has a diversified network of lenders at their disposal. They match the costumer's loan applications with lenders and find the best match possible.

The loan application is performed online, by filling a form. Then, it is possible to choose the amount of cash to borrow and the money will be received in the bank account within minutes. A loan application can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Credit history does not hurt the eligibility for a loan, so everyone can apply.

Cash carrot does not charge fees to apply for a short-term loan. All their lenders, as well as their service, are secure. They do not sell personal information, so the consumer's data is completely safe. The loan approval is extremely quick and simple, so it is very easy to get started.

Contrary to payday loans that only allow users to loan amounts below their pay check, Cash Carrot allows loan applications up to £5,000 that can be paid over a few months. It does not have to be by the next pay day.

If by some unfortunate reason the customer is unable to repay the loan at the pre-arranged date, it is possible to contact the loan provider directly to help find the best solution possible, in order to get the payments back on track. There is a system in place that allows a good communication between lenders and loan applicants.

To be eligible for a Cash Carrot loan it is necessary to live in the mainland UK, be at least 18 years old and a minimum income of £200. I could not be any easier.


When there is a cash shortage and for some reason a money influx is urgently required, Cash Carrot can be the perfect solution. It has a trustworthy network of lenders that do not care about credit history or employment records. It does not charge fees and all personal information is secured. The application process is easy and quick. The amount requested can be in the consumer's account within minutes. It is certainly a service to consider during a financial crisis.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk